This is GO Technologies

What you want, Safe and Secure.

Welcome to GO Technologies.

We Make the Things of the Future. Safe and Secure.

What We Do

We are devoted to changing your everyday life with new programs and applications that make life more fun and easy. We offer many programs, such as mods and social media, for free and with no ads at all. We believe things should be ad-free, without having to pay unreasonable amounts to remove them. We offer social media, mods for Minecraft, games, and more. No downloads are required for you to use GO Technologies or any of our services. We are building the technologies of the future, today! If you enjoy GO Technologies, please share the website on social media and with friends! GO Technologies is free, and here to stay!

We provide free services to people around the world. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don't put ads on our pages and that anyone can access our website for free without having to pay anything. This is the GO Technologies, and this is what we do.


Want to support GO Technologies? You can give money to us through Venmo so that we can further our website or you can just give money to support our developer. If you want the money to just go toward something specific, say so in the Venmo description and we will try to apply it to that! Remember GO Technologies is a free service and doesn't earn money from operating. This means that your donations help the website and support our cause so we can continue providing our free services.

Safe and Secure

We value your privacy. We don't collect unnecessary data about you or your device. We also serve all assets and pages over a secure connection using the latest in HTTPS technology to encrypt your data to the fullest. We don't use Adobe Flash on our website, so that means it is more secure and faster.