About Us

Who We Are.

About Us

Who We are.

What We Do

We are devoted to changing your everyday life with new programs and applications that make life more fun and easy. We offer many programs, such as mods and social media, for free and with no ads at all. We believe things should be ad-free, without having to pay unreasonable amounts to remove them. We offer social media, mods for Minecraft, games, and more. No downloads are required for you to use GO Technologies or any of our services. We are building the technologies of the future, today ! If you enjoy GOTechnologies, please share the website on social media and with friends! GO Technologies is free, and here to stay!

We provide free services to people around the world. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don't put ads on our pages and that anyone can access our website for free without having to pay anything. This is the GO Technologies, and this is what we do.

Why We Do It

You may be asking yourself why GO Technologies provides all of this to you free of charge. The answer is 'fun.'Developing websites and games is my hobby and I like to design things in my free time. If you would like to support GO Technologies you can donate here.You can read our privacy policy here to see how we process your data.

Version Info

This is the fourth major build of the GO Technologies website. Archives may be released soon for older builds. Bootstrap is used for design of the navbar: getbootstrap.com.