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Our Services

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Here at GO Technologies, we don't just do one thing. We are aimed at making it to were you never have to leave our website. With our serivces you can post on social media, reasearch different topics, and play games all on the same website.

GO Social

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GO Social is a social media service designed by GO Technologies. Unlike other social media services, GO Social does not sell your data our advertise to you. GO Social also prides itself on being kid friendly by running every post through a filter to block questionable content.

GO Games

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GO Games is a service that allows you to play HTML5 games online and without ads. GO Games has no ads and serves all the games without Adobe Flash, allowing them to work on all devices. The games are an array of open source games and games that have been designed by GO Technologies.

Star Secure Files

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Using Star Secure Files, you can encypt your most important files with a 4096 digit password for a small price. The files are stored on a secure server with the decryption key stored offline so that it cannot be stolen by hackers. Starting at only $0.99 a month you can host your files securely with Star Secure Files.

Link Sync

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Link Sync is a service that provides short links for popular websites for quick access. Also, with Link Sync, you can access top notch websites.

APlus Code Toolbox

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APlus Code Toolbox is a developer's dream! Instantly get access to many different sprite editors, text editors, code improvers, and much more! Just by using the service you get all of this for free! Enjoy!


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Glide is a service hosted by GO Technologies that allows you to publish your slideshow creations to a social media like platform! It is free and has no ads, just like the rest of GO Technologies. All slides are appropriate for all ages!

BottomLine Jokes

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BottomLine Jokes is a service full of useless joke sites and services that have no value but are still fun!