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Star Secure Files is a service where you can have files stored securely with a password that is 4096 digits long! Just email the files to and follow the instructions for payment! You will only be charged $0.99 for 5 files, $5.00 for 30 files, and $10 for 150 files. For any more amounts of files, contact us. All payments are monthly. All archive files will be examined to make sure they are not used to cheat the file count system.



With 4096 digits of randomly generated numbers, letters, and symbols for a password, your files are almost impossible to reach. On registration, you choose a password and your files are only manually retrieved for you if you provide the password.


Your files are provide to you quickly after you provide your password to an admin.

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With the backing of GO Technologies, Star Secure Files is Modern and New looking. Enjoy the future.

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